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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Four Years Old! (Or is it three?) 
Technically speaking, Tomatilla! is a ripe four years old today. In Internet years that is something like 1000 years old! In reality, however, I only really started posting regularly in July of 2003, so you could also say it is about 3 years old (a relatively spring chicken-like 750 years or so in translation). According to Blogger's statistics, I have made 389 posts. And according to my rather casual but close to accurate statistics, I have posted 110 recipes.

I have also managed a few other worthwhile milestones, like publishing Digital Dish and starting the inimitable Paper Chef event, the 20th edition of which is starting this Friday!

So to celebrate, for the rest of the month I will occasionally post about the ten best past Tomatilla! entries. I will be using my own idiosyncratic methodology to determine which are the ten best...

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Happy 3-4 years old birthday!
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